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You are always winning! Knowing this is the beginning. Being this is about acknowledging, amplifying and accepting all forms of winning 🏆 without judging the “size” of it It is beyond gratitude it is walking in full embodiment of your wins! Cordelia Gaffar, the CEO and Ultimate Joy Goddess

I am a speaker, trainer and motivator! Whether your event is virtual, off site or a conference, let me create a safe space for compassionate leadership, inclusion, joy bonding and boost employee morale and empowerment.

Create Joy

Four Mind Alignment ™ for Your Ultimate Joy

Cordelia Gaffar, the Ultimate Joy Goddess and CEO of Workout Around My Day Inc. bestselling author, speaker, and host of The Free to be Show podcast, Cordelia guides women on a transformative journey. Her unique methodology, The Four Mind Alignment (TM), which empowers women to embrace a Multiorgasmic existence through ancient wisdom. Cordelia’s holistic approach, called the Replenish Me (™) process, invites women to nurture themselves with food, movement, and sleep. Explore joy, enlightenment, and transformative wisdom!


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☀️Joy Bonding Inclusivity at its Best

☀️Finding Your Joy While Changing the World

☀️ What your diet says about your sex life

☀️Why Being Multi-Orgasmic is a Matter of Your Ultimate Health

Would you prefer an off site motivational experience? Great! I am also a Mvt109 Facilitator and can help your team release toxicity, joy bond real time in the elements. 

Be the innovator and change the way your organization does business.

If you are ready to do that work, The Four Mind Alignment ™ Process is for you. Be who you are in your heart of hearts before that thing, experience or choice to hide yourself happened. Even if you have been operating in a self- belief or self- image which burdens your soul for decades there is light with in you. That well below the surface is ready to reveal itself. 

You are in for a treat!

Explore the elements within reflected in nature through excursions, stillness and silence.

Four Mind Alignment ™ Experiences are all about you reconnecting with your soul and using the elements as tools! Let’s do it as a team bonding weekend in the mountains to the oceans get out of your head and into your body with your partners and executive team!

Each Experience  builds on the previous one and is designed for allowing deep transformation with the elements in open inquiry and spiritual exploration. There is much spaciousness in the schedule to allow for integration of your transformation and connection with others in between excursions. 

The retreat includes the following:

Not included:

Monthly Events

Make 2024 the year of self-kindness! Create kindness within and emanate it so that everyone in your vicinity is warmed with it deeply ✨🥳✨

With each breath and heart beat you to experience whatever you choose choose as if you have forever to be in that frequency ✨✨✨

Be Free!

The Free to Be Sisterhood Circle is an intimate group of women who were willing to go deep within

Knowing that in life you get so many opportunities to reflect on your reflectors 

Alchemize your deflectors 

Birth anew only always in all ways!

What a joy to work with women who are deep in the practice and ready to go and meet her infinity. 

Are you an Overachievers, People Pleasers, Productivity Seekers and the practice of emotionally and physically neglecting yourself? Would you like a safe space to let that all go and just Be?

Do you feel like it’s time to: be a walker of self-care, healthy boundaries? Is it time to implement quiet within?

Would you like a community who will support you implementing sustainable practices to heal?

You are the most important person and that is the most generous act of kindness you can give yourself!

Joining this intimate group of powerful women creating a safe space for each other and witnessing each others transformation and glow up. The intention is to create a tight knit circle of women to meet monthly. You will take home a tangible product of your own creation like a bath bomb, bath tea or crystal bracelet along with an inner embodiment practice.


I Love ❤️ what I do so much and being with you!🔥✨ Register here

Are you ready to be part of this Mastermind? Start your journey. Allow yourself the experience of your deeper Self and Being.

Would you like to change how your team relates to one another and works together?

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Guidelines regarding commitment to this investment and travel:

Retreat investment is non-refundable.

Encourage you to get travel insurance

My Commitment to You

Your commitment to You

The Four Mind Alignment ™ Process

Lotusverse ™

During our body awareness, we will presence your various energy centers and understand what your body means with each ache or pain. You will go into deep places within and “be with”who you really are with through somatic dance and body exploration.

Releasing through dancing, something accessible to all.

Stomach Mind

Your input matters especially the medicine for your body also known as food and nourishment.

Restructuring your way of being in your core matters.

Heart Mind

Soul shifting and emotional awareness will be our refresh phase and introduction to decoding detachment.

Brain Mind

Rebirth is our final phase in the way you think based on your body wisdom.

More Than Retreats

This is a journey with a community to operate at your highest level. In fact, it’s a sacred container with the option to continue 1:1 with me to process and lean into your transformation.
How many retreats have you attended that pretty much left you hanging? Do you know where your journal and notebooks are with all of “keys” to success or transformation lay wasting away in dust? Have you done the work that you committed to do and agreed to in sacred community?
If you’re still reading, this experience is for you. At the very core of your soul, you know that you deserve more. You have been cheating yourself by not using your gift and you don’t want to struggle another one minute, hour, month, year and definitely not another decade!

What are you owning? What will you no longer deny?

You are a brilliant, beautiful, blossoming boisterous woman, a Black woman, a quirky woman, a unique thinker, a salty woman, a bold and brave woman, a Muslim woman, a natural hair wearing Black woman, woman who’s done it all with soul crushing criticism. You are the alternative B words.

Are you ready to shed the walls of shame you have imprisoned yourself in?

Are you ready to realign with your soul purpose?

Are you ready to be Free?

All these years you have been pushing through and you are at the breaking point. Literally on a physical level, you are getting warnings from your doctor. On a mental level you are considering therapy or already have and it’s not working. On an emotional level you are irritable, lashing out at loved ones and strangers for the smallest infractions. 

You are seeking by listening to podcasts, reading recommended books, revisiting the Quran, Bible, experimenting with Buddhism and the list goes on…

Criticism is AND the truth is You are infinite 

It is because of years of criticism that I am who I am. 

I am the multidimensional human being vibrating in my divinity

And I choose only always joy for the elevation of my soul

Those who resonate do and those who don’t don’t

That is why I created Replenish Me ™ and offer it in the form of a seven day retreat. Replenish Me ™ is a process born out of releasing what is expected and accepted to pour into and nurture the depths of your soul. Restructuring your way of being based on your own core values. Refreshing your inner and outer world to the alignment of your soul. Rebirthing as the multidimensional being you are created to be…and Free to BE THAT!

Apply below for more details.

Begin with Detached Love! Replenish

At the very core of your soul, you know that you deserve more. You have been cheating yourself by not using your gift, you don’t want to struggle one more minute, hour, month, year & definitely not another decade!

Total package includes

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