Cordelia Gaffar

Ramadan Food Hacks

Prepare for Ramadan or intermittment fasting routine with the culmultative processes to nourish your mind, body and soul.

Replenish! Spiritually

Are you ready for Ramadan? Do you struggle with dehydration? Need help finding foods that will sustain you for the long hot days? All of your answer are here in this go to guide. Cordelia Gaffar is a mother of six who strives to find action packed nutrition. That means less food more nutrients or nutrient dense foods.

Over the years, I experimented and researched the best foods to sustain my family during Ramadan. In 2013 when Ramadan was in the warmer months with longer days, she had to start from scratch. This guide is the result of her new improved formula.

Get The Book That

Started It All

The book that started it all. Workout Around My Day: The Only Health Guide Moms Need is both a guide/workbook and recipe book for creating sustainable self-nurturing practices and nutritious food. Walk through my journey with me as I guide you through your to create inner peace.
Here’s a few activities in my book:
Join the 7 day portion control challenge, schedule in mini workouts throughout your day and create on self-nurturing as a lifestyle.

Boost Your Immune System w/Green Juice!

Do you feel exhausted all the time? Do you miss having the energy to do the things you love? Does stress keep your natural beauty from shining through?
Premium Super Green is your answer!

Daily Harvest

Imagine eating well everyday! High quality ethically and locally source non-GMO vegan foods at your door step weekly and on your table daily. Our smoothies are nourishing, meticulously sourced and crafted, and seriously delicious (did we mention pretty dang easy, too?)
My family and I subscribed last summer and never went back. I’m sharing this personal resource with you so that you too may benefit from including high quality delicious food with ease that doesn’t break the bank. You’re welcome!

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