Her topics

Be Your Own Sanctuary - Her personal story of resilience and becoming Muslim only two months before September 11th and how it impact her faith and core beliefs. 

I Had 2 Miscarriages but am still whole: The Power of Self-Nurturing - The rest of the story on the effects of stress on the body and how to deal with rejection, inner turmoil, self-doubt, emotional injury and bounce back.

Calming the Chaos: A Mother's Guide to Following Your Dreams While Raising Multiple Children - As a homeschooling mom of 6, she has many fun and creative ways to keep the fires burning to fuel your dreams.

Unity: A talk about embracing our humanness and how our difference is a gift  and natural alliance - She shares her multicultural dynamic as an analogy to how we are all better because of our differences.

Sweet Talk is the Body Soul Shift - In her very personal story, she shares how her spiritual journey released her from depression and grief. Connecting body to soul can shift things in the most simple ways and can unlock our deeper knowing self-reflection, self-actualization allowing a person to shed the 'shoulds'.

​​​​​​Healing Postpartum Depression Naturally - a talk about using food as medicine in the healing process through ancient traditions she has studied from all over the world.

Self-Nurturing is Emotional Release - Talk dives into healing through building a system of self-nurturing. It defines the terms emotional release and self-nurturing in unique and subtle ways.

Why I do What I do

Once upon a time, I was where you are now.

After the birth of my second child, I sought medical attention for postpartum depression and extreme weight gain which led to me to studies in nutrition, exercise, and mindset. In less than a year, I lost over 60 pounds and regained clarity and calm. 

That was 16 years and 4 children ago!

Now I help women to sweet talk themselves out of the chaos. 

I do that by showing them how to build a sanctuary, be nourished, and energized. They achieve bliss, calm and fulfillment.

Sweet talk is an epic adventure that will make your mind an ocean. Will you join the adventure today?
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Upcoming Events
Connector Conference
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Saturday, October 13, 2018  

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Warm Your Heart Online Summit
August 20-24


There are over a million answers to that question, because the state ofs true peace can mean different things for different people.  It’s all about meeting you on your journey.  Would you like to know what 19 other heart-centered experts and I do to keep centered and live in our heart space?  

If you want to take a journey into your heart and explore the process of finding true Inner Peace, I wholeheartedly encourage you to sign up for this magical event!  

And this runs from August 20-24, so come grab your spot by clicking this link!

Upcoming Interviews

August - The  Sanctuary Podcast

Dr.Sharon Show

She Exist

Embracing Scars
The Body Soul Shift
Cordelia has a signature workshop and can be booked for your group or organization.
How  can you work with me?

 Cordelia Gaffar is one of the great wisdom teachers of our time. Her voice is deeply unique and has the power to uplift those, even in the darkest of times.~ KC Baker, Thought Leadership Coach, Speech Writer, and Founder at WomanSpeak

Cordelia was one of our featured presenters at our 2018 Parent Empowerment Summit. Cordelia’s ability to speak to what matters in a graceful heart-centered way is incredible. Her peaceful personality and love for others are present in every word she utters. I have worked with Cordelia in the past, and I am always so impressed with no matter the topic or the glitch(because we have had a few) her professionalism and ability to keep others engaged is impressive. I would highly recommend for any speaking engagement. Andrea Warren, Deeply Rooted in Wellness, June 2018

Love your spirt, your smile, your essence. Loved your talking about Nourishment & sanctuary, two things that are key for me as well. Love your passion and love that you lead with your heart.  ❤~ Harmony, attendee WomanSpeak International Festival April 2018

Your presence is truly an inspiration! Thank you for sharing your Light with us all!~ Jennifer Emperador, attendee WomanSpeak International Festival April 2018


 Cordelia thank you so much for your powerful message...Rituals in daily life.. and how they affect me... showing up in life. I lost my yoga practice due to injury/work then a car crash...  I am now making a major shift in my balance of life... 💞~Sallyanne Bliss, attendee WomanSpeak International Festival April 2018

 Leave it to Cordelia to paint you this deceptive picture of success that we all aspire to achieve.  She masterfully let her captivated audience hear the muffled whispers of the voice of wisdom inside of her as it grew and eventually erupted in gut wrenching pleas and sobs of irrefutable truth more than a decade ago. While recounting her story, Cordelia embodied the quintessential, brilliant, modern woman cracked open and reborn after giving birth to her baby. 

Loraine Van Tuyl, PhD, CHT,  WomanSpeak International Festival Attendee, April 2018

My joint venture partner and I hosted The Whole Woman Summit, a virtual gathering for women and had the good fortune of booking Mrs. Cordelia Gaffar as one of our speakers. Ms. Gaffar was prepared, informative and delivered her key takeaways as promised. Your audience will appreciate her delivery and wisdom. ~ Lisa Alexander, organizer The Whole Woman Summit, March 2017

Cordelia Gaffar is an excellent speaker and panelist. She participated and supported my business and event to promote diversity and amongst women. Cordelia is very poised but steadfast and captivating in her presentation. She is very knowledgeable about all things nutrition, wellness and living a well-rounded healthy life in spite of any circumstances. I have had the pleasure to observe Cordelia in small group and large settings. She is humble, consistent and dependable. ~ Yolanda Johnson, Organizer Can You See Me Conference October 2016


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Parent Empowerment Summit

July 2018
Calm The Chaos 

💖The 5-day experience is here!🎉

This group is designed for women who struggle with managing their chaos.

For some it is work, school, household for others business or health and all the mixes in between!

Those of you who struggle with juggling too much and blurring lines, this is an education on how to break the cycle and a mastery towards being fluent sweet talk.

Over five days with will go through the wheel from Unclear choices to calm.