The Body Soul Shift - Connecting body to soul can shift things in the most simple ways and can unlock our deeper knowing self-reflection, self-actualization allowing a person to shed the 'shoulds'.

​​​​​​Being a Phenomenal Woman - When you stop running from the welling up of your soul and allow her to awaken, you flow into your greatness. Start today in recognizing and holding space for the qualities you are now.

The Rhythm of Your Soul: Sweet Talk - The language that emerges from your heart when you embody self-compassion, self-forgiveness and clarity so that you can harmonize your life with boundaries that honor you.

​​​​​​​The Power of Self-Nurturing - The story after miscarriage and postpartum depression and on the effects of stress on the body and how to deal with rejection, inner turmoil, self-doubt, emotional injury and bounce back.

Unity: A talk about embracing our humanness and how our difference is a gift  and natural alliance - She shares her multicultural dynamic as an analogy to how we are all better because of our differences.



Do you need a Body Soul Shift?

Recreate Your Story with Sweet Talk ™

When we choose to recreate your story with Sweet Talk ™, we have already decided that you’re going to be fulfilled. We’ve decided that we are going to shift our emotional chemistry. You have a desire to heal, to be connected, effortlessly nurture your soul and radiate love from deep within.

You’re going to become a woman with the power to fully connect with your true self, moment to moment, create powerful choices in your body and heart. You’re not just going to set firm boundaries, you’re going to maintain a healthy barrier, and hone emotional connection built on self-trust, self-compassion and energize with quality time.

So…where do you start?

Right here, at The Body Soul Shift Tribe

I created the Body Soul Shift tribe, using frequent challenges I see clients experiencing. From owning their emotional story, being firm in valuing the power of their existence, to allow in only what honors them and how to create a sustainable system of self-nurturing.

Finally, being able to create a flexible template, which enables them to adjust during a difficult situations, confrontations, toxic relationships and stressful times.

How does The Body Soul Shift Tribe Work:

I use the words Body Soul Shift for good reason.  I wanted to take my unique message and self-nurturing style to the world, to connect on 1:1 and mentor people internationally.  I wanted to build a lifestyle that enabled me to create opportunities to play in amazing places, to meet inspiring people with an abundance mindset, to share ideas, to constantly challenge myself and I wanted to take luck out of the equation.

To do that – I needed to have a Body Soul Shift.

The Tribe works like this:
  • Once a week I share learnings and advice relevant to scalable self-nurturing and being fulfilled. It’s who you need to be to invite that in.

  • Every week I run a group training session relevant to your feedback and ending in Q & A

  • Exclusive deals on Retreats around the world.

  • A private FB Group to share Training Materials, Templates, Tools and Systems that are aligned to expanding your growth.

  • Access to International opportunities, including Speaking, Podcasts and Web Events.

  • Free access to my workshops across the world

Who’s it for?
  • Women ready to make an impact in the world

  • Women ready to understand how to heal, embody the power of owning our emotional stories with Sweet Talk ™and flow into their ultimate purpose. bit.ly/BodySoulShiftSession

  • Woman who want absolute clarity in their life, being able to speak powerfully in the moment and express the value they possess.

  • Women who want to step into their future self right now and speed up the process.

  • Women who desire to exude joy and bliss from deep within

  • Anyone desiring to have clarity on the biology of emotions, thoughts and formulate a consistent way to invoke it in the moment. Sweet Talk ™ is a gamechanger!

  • Anyone desiring a permanent shift.

What we cover:
  • Experiencing your body as a life suit that requires tender love and care

  • Acknowledgement – effortlessly connecting with your emotions, allowing yourself to experience them, and convey your thoughts clearly

  • Sweet Talk ™ – understanding the keys to enlivening your inner world with peace and love

  • Radiate your true self –  This will completely change the way you approach relationships, communication, video content, marketing and communicating what you offer.

  • Create more flow in your life to shift into your ultimate purpose.

  • Clarity –  Know exactly how to communicate this to enforce firm boundaries that honor you.

  • Being able to consciously choose stories to enforce desired emotions in any given moment.

  • Create a signature experience that separates you from the rest

  • Embody bliss – Bring the future ‘you’ into the now by using tools created to accelerate growth.

  • How to strategically build an emotional intelligence and awareness.

  • Building a scalable system of self-nurturing specific to you

  • Growing with a community of women on the same path

Benefits of Working with Cordelia Gaffar


Be Released

• Embody bliss with firm intention

• Being able to consciously choose stories to enforce desired emotions in any given moment

Release old stories


Be Emotionally Connected

  • Conscious communication between mind and heart

  • Slow down exchange with pause

  • Honor your feelings


Nurture Your Soul

• Understanding the keys to enlivening your inner world with peace and love

• Create self-nurturing and maintain practices

  • Create self-forgiveness and maintain practices


Radiate Love

• Embody compassion

• True self Emanates

• Attract what you desire


• Step into your ultimate purpose

• Clarity

• Create impact

Sixteen years ago, I set out to heal myself from postpartum depression. Now my mission is to guide women to their Body Soul Shift to use their emotions as a power source and not a weight. Begin your healing today.

Upcoming Events

The Body Soul Shift Live
Cordelia has a signature workshop and can be booked for your group or organization.

Take the quiz at www.bodysoulshift.com

Client Love 

​​​​Being on Cordelia's podcast was such an enriching experience for me. She has such a calming way of interacting and discussion. She has a gift. I am grateful for the chance to get to know her better and hopefully my message was of value to her listeners!❤️❤️❤️Kim Reed Fiske, podcast guest and author of The Monster Under the Bed

I was so delighted to be on Cordelia’s podcast. She was so helpful leading upto the podcast and all throughout the podcast I was mesmerized by her kindness (no joke). She’s so kind in the way she conveys her self and how she listens attentively. She was extremely patient throughout the crazy technical difficulties we had and alhamdulillah we made it work and I’m so happy I got the chance to speak on this podcast to a lovely lady. Kulsoom Kazim, podcast guest and author of Be You: A Journey of Self-Transformation

Cordelia is an inspiring speaker. I spend a lot of life supporting leaders and speakers and it was a joy to hear Cordelia share her heart and mission. I am excited about hearing her a lot in the coming year!
Ken Rochon, Visionary at the Umbrella Syndicate

Cordelia was one of the most powerful speakers at She-EO by Ganiyah in Baltimore last July. She was gentle yet firm, she was wise yet humble, she was powerful, resourceful and unbelievably open in a way that made the audience feel so liberated. I will certainly be honored to work with her again and again.
Tope Fajingbesi Balogun, CPA APA Creator of She-EO and Founder of Ganiyah 

​​​​​​Cordelia was one of our featured presenters at our 2018 Parent Empowerment Summit. Cordelia’s ability to speak to what matters in a graceful heart-centered way is incredible. Her peaceful personality and love for others are present in every word she utters. I have worked with Cordelia in the past, and I am always so impressed with no matter the topic or the glitch(because we have had a few) her professionalism and ability to keep others engaged is impressive. I would highly recommend for any speaking engagement. Andrea Warren, Deeply Rooted in Wellness
Cordelia is a woman that radiates deep health and a well of rich love. Her message is a timeless one for all of us in this world of demands, responsibilities and the pursuit of dreams. She is an enchanting storyteller and a deep wisdom teacher for these times.~ KC Baker, Thought Leadership Coach, Speech Writer, and Founder at WomanSpeak

 Leave it to Cordelia to paint you this deceptive picture of success that we all aspire to achieve.  She masterfully let her captivated audience hear the muffled whispers of the voice of wisdom inside of her as it grew and eventually erupted in gut wrenching pleas and sobs of irrefutable truth more than a decade ago. While recounting her story, Cordelia embodied the quintessential, brilliant, modern woman cracked open and reborn after giving birth to her baby. 

Loraine Van Tuyl, PhD, CHT,  WomanSpeak International Festival Attendee

My joint venture partner and I hosted The Whole Woman Summit, a virtual gathering for women and had the good fortune of booking Mrs. Cordelia Gaffar as one of our speakers. Ms. Gaffar was prepared, informative and delivered her key takeaways as promised. Your audience will appreciate her delivery and wisdom. ~ Lisa Alexander, organizer The Whole Woman Summit

Cordelia Gaffar is an excellent speaker and panelist. She participated and supported my business and event to promote diversity and amongst women. Cordelia is very poised but steadfast and captivating in her presentation. She is very knowledgeable about all things nutrition, wellness and living a well-rounded healthy life in spite of any circumstances. I have had the pleasure to observe Cordelia in small group and large settings. She is humble, consistent and dependable. ~ Yolanda Johnson, Organizer Can You See Me Conference 


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Parent Empowerment Summit

July 2018

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For some it is work, school, household for others business or health and all the mixes in between!

Those of you who struggle with juggling too much and blurring lines, this is an education on how to break the cycle and a mastery towards being fluent sweet talk.

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