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The Art of Intimacy

The Art of Intimacy: Opening the Doors to Your Joy begins on June 25th

In case no one else has told you; a life filled with joy is your birthright!

Are you Emotionally Exhausted? Would you like to turn “IT” off sometimes and let someone else do all the things? Have you distanced yourself from your body wisdom? If you answered yes, I am here for YOU! Reclaim your Ultimate-Joy! You may not realize it but your body wants you back. Be present in your body like never before.

Have you had your heart broken in the last six months?

In your marriage

In your relationship 

In a new dating relationship 

In another romantic situation

In a non-romantic situation 

 This is for you!

 Even though you may not equate constant disappointment in your marriage as heartbreak, it is. That’s why, over time, you become resentful. In your relationship, you may feel like you can leave anytime since you are not married, but also grow resentful because you choose to stay. In a new dating situation you openly call it heartbreak, because you were “trying to give love a chance, and look 👀 what happened?” You use it as proof for what can never be! In other romantic situations, you may use it as proof against even attempting to live again. 

 And the truth is Heartbreak is actually here to break your heart ❤️ open to you! You get to understand yourself better! This is a groundbreaking point of view! You are truly breaking ground on a new world for yourself.

 What if you could gamify your heartbreak?

 💔 Heartbreak is a segue to a higher iteration of who you are.

The Ultimate Joy Goddess

Self-nurturing is Freedom. I am the multi-dimensional genius who birthed the book called Detached Love: Transforming Your Heart So That You Can Transform Your Mind. Detachment is about freeing your soul to truly love in all of its highest attributes. Through my practices of self-nurturing, I have mastered detachment which is the ultimate gift of heartbreak is Detachment!

Eartha Kitt went to South Africa at the height of Apartheid and still performed because she had the presence of a sequoia tree. Imagine having that level of body wisdom. Eartha Kitt is also the original Self-Nurturing Diva! There is no coincidence that she was an international success and a Black woman at the height of even more overt worldwide racism than we experience today. Would you like to no how she replenished and showed up for herself?

The cumulative heartbreaks of racism, discrimination, misogynoir, divorce or break up require you to create intimacy within.


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Heartbreak Hotel


Cordelia Gaffar is the Ultimate Joy Goddess

Cordelia Gaffar, the Ultimate Joy Goddess and CEO of Cordelia Gaffar Enterprises a personal transformation company focused on making family better from the inside out starting with the mothers. The firm’s focus is to offer transformative workshops, retreats and training experiences for women; and donate our time with youth workshops focused on increasing emotional wellness, self-love and deeper parental connections. She is certified in Sports Nutrition, somatic dance called Mvt 109, practices using food as medicine, has created a signature process to create self-healing and has a degree in Accounting.  Ms. Gaffar is an eight time bestselling author, award winning speaker and coach, recognized global health thought leader and two time award winning host of The Free to be Show podcast and she is a veteran home educator to her six children, three of whom have graduated going on to serve in the US Navy and become entrepreneurs in their own right.


Her unique methodology empowers women to embrace pleasure as a possibility through ancient wisdom. Through this process she guides women on a transformative journey to normalize great sex resulting in shedding trauma, releasing negative experiences which had been keeping you playing small, embracing multi-orgasmic Living and ultimately being fully expressed in all parts of your life.

Dr. Thandi

“If you want to learn research based, practical, easily actionable strategies read DETACHED LOVE by the renowned international speaker, author and life strategist Cordelia Gaffar.”

Dr. Neema

” You create a safe space for women to share, connect and grow”

❤️Do you want to STOP your frustration? 

❤️END your suffering?

❤️QUIT overthinking?

❤️How would it feel to live each day in freedom and joy?

Exceptional Professional

I am delighted to write a recommendation for Cordelia Gaffar. Cordelia is an exceptional professional who has a unique talent for empowering and inspiring others.

As a speaker, author, and coach, Cordelia is passionate about helping individuals and organizations reach their full potential. Her expertise in wellness, leadership, and personal development has made a positive impact on countless people, and I do not doubt that she will continue to do so.

In addition to her impressive professional achievements, Cordelia is a joy to work with. She is reliable, and communicative, and always goes above and beyond to exceed expectations. Her positivity and energy are infectious, and she has a natural ability to connect with people from all walks of life.

I wholeheartedly recommend Cordelia to anyone looking to take their personal or professional life to the next level. She is a true asset and a pleasure to work with, and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to collaborate with her.

A firebrand, a movement, a phenomena. Cordelia is leading the way for many women to be who they are.
Cordelia is also very sensitive and has an old wisdom soul, it’s a pleasure to work with you Cordelia,
More power to you! and Thank you! :revolving_hearts: #SexyBrilliant

Devina Kaur

“Ms. Cordelia, is a testimony to what genuine spirituality should look like from within. After just one
session, Ms. Cordelia, helped me to realise my next venture, which I dedicate in your honor. Thank you
for all that you do, we need more positive examples like you.”

Shara Lewis

“Cordelia Gaffar brings her quiet power and coaching intelligence to all the transformational work she does.
I had the great pleasure of being a guest on one of her podcasts, and her great questions and
creation of the experience showed my why her work is so popular.

Steve Chandler

You have already changed my work and world view on self-forgiveness.

Tanja Bogataj

What I’ve read so far is AHHMAZING!!!! Yes I said AHHHHHMAZING!!It’s so on
point. Putting the focus back on us and total self care. It’s so important. I can’t
wait to read it in its entirety.

Anita Hawkins

Cordelia Gaffar is sincere in seeking to empower and encourage women of all ages to be free and authentically who they are. She has crafted a unique system to bring body, mind and heart together, drawing on ancient wisdom, yet accessible to modern women. Let her guide you home … to yourself!

Robin Rose Bennett

Cordelia makes a beautiful and honest impact wherever she goes and wherever she showcases what it means to show up. Cordelia is truly a thought-leader, unique in her approach in heart and mind. I was honored when she agreed to discuss the topic of Allyship for the recent @L&D Cares Career Growth Summit during the section dedicated to Diversity, Inclusion, and 21st Century Competencies. Her approach via Replenish Me, to hone in on what it means to act with civil courage and heart to help one another rise up was excellently received.

Elizabeth Lembke

November 29 - December 6, 2024

Collaboration with the Love Camp

Passion for transformation: be it work, culture, talent, or HR as Chief Talent Navigator. Publisher Transforming Talent Insights – Director L&D Cares: Career Growth Lead – Co-Host RCIRCLE – – HRimprov

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