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When women come together for the greater good we can change the world. 

Did you hear the news? I am part of a powerful collaborative effort with Oprah Winfrey, Melinda Gates and Mallika Chopra and 46 other very accomplished women. America's Leading Ladies gives you powerful stories and tools to continue with your mission in a challenging social and political climate!

You’ll also get parenting tips, chronic illness managing strategies and so much more!

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Are you thinking how can I Replenish me?
The answer: In 12 Easy Steps 

The purpose of this program is to help female entrepreneurs and current corporate executives to replenish themselves so that they can stay in tuned with their mission and purpose and powerfully impact the world. What do I know about this?

After leaving my corporate career as a controller for an IT start-up, I decided to homeschool my children. Over the years, I discovered that the ability to learn is directly related to emotional intelligence. After 12 years of studying and implementing those techniques with her children; it became her mission to help women to do the same. 

My process of opening women to embracing our emotions as a power source helps us see the learning opportunities in everything instead of going through the motions of life at the cost of our emotional health to find meaning and purpose so that we may be replenished.

This has allowed me to explore other parts of myself like serving as the Social Media and Branding Chair for ALL USA Entrepreneurial Chapter. I've also been selected for the Powerhouse Global Award and designated a Global Goodwill Ambassador Humanitarian for the USA. I am also a registered United Nations volunteer, award winning author and speaker, Certified in Sports Nutrition. For the past two years, I have hosted the Replenish Me podcast for which I have been nominated Podcaster of the year; founder of Workout Around My Day and mom of 6

I want to  work together and pull back each layer which is preventing you from your true purpose and fulfilling your vision. Here’s a snapshot of what you get:

A way to organize your thoughts and implement the reframe simultaneously

A safe and powerfully compassionate community

Weekly group session via zoom 

Access to me in the private Facebook group and in monthly 1:1 sessions

Discounts on retreats and much more!

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The Sweet Talk Tribe is an online course designed for women on the go who desire to embrace self-compassion by learning how to speak loving to themselves.

Episode #25 Wednesday, August 14
Conference season conversation with Cheryl Wood

This year she is having her inaugural and sold out SpeakerCon conference as well as a fully booked speaking calendar including Success Women’s Conference and We Can Have It All.

Cheryl Wood is an international empowerment speaker, best-selling author and speaker development coach who equips women globally with the tools to step outside of their comfort zone, take bigger risks, and confidently embrace their personal power to impact the world with their unique talents. Wood energizes, invigorates and challenges women to live up to their greatest potential and raise the bar on their expectations for career and business success.

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Why Resentment is Your Friend

As crazy as it sounds, sometimes the thing that could eat you alive could actually make your thrive.

3 Immediate ways to stop feeling overworked and exhausted - As women we have a full plate, learn simple ways to stop the chaos and settle into your calm.

How to Replenish Me - Sometimes we may feel that you are wearing mask. Take them off and embrace all parts of you.

How to change your heart set and mind set - Free your heart and mind to move towards what it desires

How to define your worth in the marketplace - Know the question to ask yourself to understand and own your value

How would you like to....

Be liberated

Be curious

Be love

Before you think this isn’t for you...What is the cost of you being content with less than you desire? Is meeting everyone’s expectations making you resentful? How are your choice affecting your confidence and self-belief?

So again I ask, would you like to be liberated from their expectations?

Curious how your life would be if you could choose what makes you happy?

Would love to find out how to choose the life you truly desire?

Of course, we are not asking you to leave it all behind only the parts that will build a foundation to your preferred reality. Like you we’ve been through IT! We came out with our resilience and discovered ways to replenish ourselves. In fact, we’ve discovered that it takes only 4 Steps!

Join us in London October 19, for Replenishing with Resilience:  4 Steps for Achieving Clarity and Abundance. This event will help professional women get transformation and clarity in mind, body, spirit and emotions. 

Throughout the day we will explore interactive ways to achieve happiness in our body, love and liberation in our mind with #sweettalk, happiness in our spirit and glean the intelligence of our emotions.

Sound like just what you need? Connect with me here 

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Replenish Me
FREE 3 PART Training on How to Feel More Alive Now

Client Love

Cordelia was one of the most powerful speakers at She-EO by Ganiyah in Baltimore. She was gentle yet firm, she was wise yet humble, she was powerful, resourceful and unbelievably open in a way that made the audience feel so liberated. I will certainly be honored to work with her again and again.
Tope Fajingbesi Balogun, CPA APA Creator of She-EO and Founder of Ganiyah 

Cordelia was one of our featured presenters at our 2018 Parent Empowerment Summit. Cordelia’s ability to speak to what matters in a graceful heart-centered way is incredible. Her peaceful personality and love for others are present in every word she utters. I have worked with Cordelia in the past, and I am always so impressed with no matter the topic or the glitch(because we have had a few) her professionalism and ability to keep others engaged is impressive. I would highly recommend for any speaking engagement. Andrea Warren, Deeply Rooted in Wellness
Cordelia is a woman that radiates deep health and a well of rich love. Her message is a timeless one for all of us in this world of demands, responsibilities and the pursuit of dreams. She is an enchanting storyteller and a deep wisdom teacher for these times.~ KC Baker, Thought Leadership Coach, Speech Writer, and Founder at WomanSpeak


Cordelia is doing important work helping women find peace in their mind and soul. Her podcast bridges the gaps between Muslims and non Muslims in a time where Muslims are seen as the 'bad' other, yet she is showing up working side by side with her non Muslim counterparts demonstrating by being part of the solution that in face we are all together in this journey of life...she is tackling 2 key issues in one, emotional wellbeing and harmony in a diverse society. Kathryn Jones

My joint venture partner and I hosted The Whole Woman Summit, a virtual gathering for women and had the good fortune of booking Mrs. Cordelia Gaffar as one of our speakers. Ms. Gaffar was prepared, informative and delivered her key takeaways as promised. Your audience will appreciate her delivery and wisdom. ~ Lisa Alexander, The Whole Woman Summit

Cordelia Gaffar is an excellent speaker and panelist. She participated and supported my business and event to promote diversity and amongst women. Cordelia is very poised but steadfast and captivating in her presentation. She is very knowledgeable about all things nutrition, wellness and living a well-rounded healthy life in spite of any circumstances. I have had the pleasure to observe Cordelia in small group and large settings. She is humble, consistent and dependable. ~ Yolanda Johnson,  Can You See Me Conference